I Can Not Draw

I draw like someone in kindergarten. This could be related to the fact that I have dyslexia. When I was going to grade school I hated art class because I couldn't do anything right. Thanks to computer graphics I was able to make images without the need to draw and made a wonderful career out of it. 

If you can draw, I envy and admire you. I know many amazing artists who can draw and paint like crazy. I worship these people (You know who you are). Sadly I am not one of them.

But why shouldn't I enjoy the pleasure of painting because I have a handicap? I am like someone playing basketball in a wheelchair. My artist friends are like Seth Curry. 

When people see my work they often ask something like: "Are you ever going to make a real painting?". Sadly the answer is "no". I can not get out of my wheelchair. If I did create a painting without a photograph the result would look like it was done by an outsider artist. I am not interested in being a college educated outsider artist.  So that is why I make photo-paintings. 

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