Why I Do This

I don't do this because I am a pathetic old man trying to make some much needed money, although I am a pathetic old man and I do need the money (not really, we are ok financially and I am not that pathetic). I do it because I am much happier when art making is part of my life. So this new hobby/oppression of mine is working out really great!

I love the photography aspect of it. I haven't played around with photography since I was an Expanded Artist at OSU. Its fantastic to get back into taking photos again.  I get to spend many good hours: taking pictures with my phone, cropping the photos (you wouldn't believe how long it can take to crop something just right for 8x10), deleting the photos (also time consuming), and color correcting the photos so they look good when printed out (about 8 attempts per). 

Then there is the painting. I am as surprised as anyone that I can actually do this. I have never done anything like this in my whole life. I was the kid who hated Art Class the most. I dreamed of making some sort art that I could hang on my wall for decades, but I never considered painting as an option. Who knew? The works where pretty rough and experimental at first but surprisingly they keep getting better. I remember exactly the time when I was painting and thought to myself: "wow that looks pretty realistic".  I am excited about the whole phenomenon of me painting and enjoy every hour I spend creating "photo-paintings" (I know it's corny but their are limited domain names out there).

Can you image how many colors I get to mix? Its pretty intense and challenging and if I make a big mistake its painful. It takes concentration which is probably why I love it so much. "Get In the Zone Dude". Its pretty wild. I have been mixing colors digitally for 30 years so I must have eye for color; but acrylic paint is a whole new thing. Yesterday I was painting a Blue blanket and the colors I was mixing where Purple. I enjoy every hour. Its full of rewards, challenges and surprises. 

So, I am going to keep painting whether anyone ever buys anything or not. This website has been fun to create and I can not wait to start sharing my work with you (check back often).  Now the challenge is getting people to actually know that I am here.  Don't be afraid to spread the word.

BS I have enjoyed writing this blog (first time blogger).

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